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Universal Patch

5.25" x 3.625"


The Universal Patch is designed for maximum functionality and optimized for multiple surface geometries. This patch’s width is also optimal for wrapping cylindrical shapes with a 1″ diameter.

This patch is commonly found on:

  • Building entrance D-bars
  • Washroom push plates
  • Other pull-style handles

If you’d like to see a sample, our Sample Packs carry one (1) Universal Patch.

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Discover How Some Of Our Clients Are Using Coptek Copper Covers

A safe place to work and learn

As we start a new Fall term, we are committed to continuing to provide a safe place to work and learn for all staff, faculty, and students [with] the installation of this innovative antimicrobial copper on high touch surfaces across our campuses.

Kathy Kinloch

President, BCIT

Simple to install and look great

Coptek's covers are flexible enough to cover many of our facilities’ surfaces, so we installed 1,000+ patches on our door handles and elevator handrails to extend the effects of our cleaning efforts. We regularly get comments about how impressive this initiative is from an IPAC perspective.

Rod Way

Director, Environmental Services
The Glebe Centre

Another layer of protection

As we welcome our students, faculty, and staff to SFU this fall, creating a safe place for everyone to learn and work remains our top priority. We are very pleased […] to install antimicrobial copper on high touch surfaces can provide another layer of protection for our community.

Larry Waddell

Chief Facilities Officer, SFU